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Carol Whitfield

Over the years I have lived and worked in many varied and interesting environments. I was born in Southern New South Wales and finished my schooling in Canberra where I worked for the next 20 years. While working in the hospitality industry and then moving to the Corporate world I was drawn to educating myself on various alternative therapies. This is where I first studied Reiki and Tarot. An opportunity arose to work in Brisbane and this suited my life at this time so I jumped.

My job in Brisbane was very stressful and involved shift work. My health wasn’t where I wanted it to be, primarily my body felt out of alignment. A friend recommended Bowen Therapy. My health issues mostly involved poor sleep, sciatic pain, and stress.

After 2-3 sessions I felt like a new person. I couldn’t believe I had no pain and was sleeping well for the first time in many years.

This is why I decided to learn about and become qualified in Bowen Therapy. The modern world especially in these times puts our bodies and our minds under enormous stress. Bowen Therapy on its own or combined with Reiki offers a wonderful non-intrusive solution to this.

Carol Whitfield - Bowen Therapist
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