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Did you know that most people take better care of their cars than they do of their own bodies?

Yes indeed, cars get regular attention with services, wheel alignments and much more. Yet our bodies are expected to continue working for us, sometimes for decades, without any TLC. Then suddenly when health issues pop up, we wonder, well where did that come from?

Bodies are amazingly complex and wonderful instruments and they really are the only thing that we own from the time of birth to time of death. If your body is fit and healthy, it is still incredibly important to care for it, and continue to keep it in ‘tip-top’ condition. And, if you are a stress head, couch potato or computer junkie, then your body is desperate for extra care and support to release the tension and tightness and restore balance.

This is where Bowen Therapy plays a key role.

Bowen is a non-manipulative, non-invasive, gentle and holistic therapy

The therapist makes a series of rolling moves that stimulate the muscles, fascia, nerves and energy pathways of the body to work together and to start the body’s own healing processes.

Bowen therapy:

Who wouldn’t want all of this fabulous goodness for their physical body? And as an extra bonus, the mind and emotions are soothed as well.

Bowen Therapy is a wonderful way to be kind to yourself

Your body will love it and all the extra energy you have will help you to create the healthy, vibrant life that you really want.

It is best to choose a registered therapist. Carol Whitfield is a full member of Bowen Association Australia and the association only registers members who have adequate training at accredited institutions.

What does a Bowen therapist do?

The first step to take when considering Bowen treatment would be to book an initial consultation. This will give the therapist an opportunity to find out about your medical history and what problems you would like to get treated for. This will then enable them to assess your situation and form a personalized treatment plan.

In terms of what to wear, Bowen can be applied to both bare skins and through loose and light clothing. If either you or your therapist has specific requirements, it can be discussed in the initial consultation.

Before you start, your therapist may ask you to drink water due to the technique requiring fully hydrated cells and tissues.

During the session, you will usually lie on a therapy bed or table. The therapist will apply subtle, relaxing rolling moves across particular muscle groups, tendons, and ligaments. A feature of Bowen is that between sets of movements the therapist will leave the room or quietly sit down and allow you to rest. The interval allows the body to make a decision about what action needs to be taken in response to the given moves.

Once treatment is complete you will usually be asked to drink more water before being advised of possible physical and emotional changes you may experience.

Follow-up consultations will include a progress review and possible reassessment if you need further or more advanced treatment.


Bowen Therapy is a holistic remedial technique that aims to treat the cause of joint pain, muscle issues, sports injuries, ongoing or intermittent pain. The technique involves gentle soft tissue movement in a very specific way, stimulating the connective tissue around muscles and successfully addressing the concerns presented. It is safe for children, adults, and seniors.

Bowen Therapy is widely used to relieve and resolve both long-standing and also sudden onset pain. Bowen Therapy has proven to be an effective technique as a stand-alone or as a complementary therapy to existing chiropractic or physiotherapy programs.

Commonly Treated Conditions:

♦ acute and chronic pain associated with musculoskeletal or neurological issues
♦ fibromyalgia
♦ back pain
♦ lumbago
♦ sciatica
♦ chronic fatigue syndrome
♦ neck pain
♦ arm pain and carpal tunnel syndrome
♦ TMJ syndrome (jaw pain)
♦ shoulder pain (frozen shoulder)
♦ leg and foot pain (plantar fasciitis)
♦ depression, anxiety, and stress
♦ asthma
♦ sporting injuries
♦ traumatic injuries
♦ general joint pain

Bowen Therapy can provide outcomes ranging from long-term rapid remission or permanent remission to significant improvement in mobility, physiology, pain, stress, and general wellbeing.

Many patients have also reported increased energy, improvement in the immune system, rebalancing of the body, improved circulation, lymphatic drainage, and detoxification.

The Bowen Technique is a gentle, non-invasive and unique form of bodywork that balances the nervous system, releases muscle tension and improves structural and physiological function.  The Bowen Technique originates from Australia where it was developed by Thomas (Tom) Bowen. The technique consists of very purposeful, gentle, precise and sequential movements over nerves, ligaments, muscle and fascia that stimulates the nervous system and puts the body into a deep relaxed state so powerful that a few minutes pause is observed to allow the body to deeply relax and engage in its own self-balancing mechanisms.

As the body begins to correct itself and progresses through its own healing cycle, the body experiences release of tension, toxins and old patterning that inhibit the body from achieving complete health.

This bodywork is very gentle and addresses the whole body by restoring balance and harmony at a physical, emotional and mental level.  It is a very safe and effective therapy that can be used on everyone at any stage in life, from newborn to elderly and chronically ill. Bowen Therapy is also a wonderful complement to your conventional medical treatments.

Bowen Therapy is very effective treatment for the following:

In addition to pain relief, Bowen therapy improves overall health by improving your:

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