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What My clients Say about My services

  • I’ve been coming to Carol for Bowen and Reiki treatments over several years and have experienced some amazing results. One of my main problems was hip and back pain which first started after giving birth to my third child, over 30 years ago.

    I consequently went through years of pain – sometimes niggly, other times excruciating and did the rounds of many practitioners. Nothing seemed to help for any length of time, and I felt that I was stuck with having to be in constant pain.

    After having my first treatment of Bowen I was surprised at how gentle and effective the results were. I felt for the first time in ages that my spine and hips were aligned and couldn’t believe that after all those years I felt like I was back to ‘normal’ again!
    Jane M
  • I first tried Bowen therapy two years ago due to persistent lower back issues caused mostly by old sporting injuries and bad posture and age. Within a day or two of treatment my back was noticeably less painful and, over the next week, continued to improve to the extent that now back pain is a rare issue for me. Carol has since treated me for numerous leg injuries ( hamstring and calf ), tennis elbow and neck strains. I notice relief and improvement mostly soon after treatment and over the next few days the injury becomes unnoticeable. I forget that I was in pain. I also regularly have maintenance treatments.

    I have no doubt that Carol’s Bowen treatments are allowing me to remain active and pain free and continue to be involved in sport ( touch footy, mountain biking, gym etc ) when perhaps I really should be slowing down. I could not recommend Bowen@ Bald Hills highly enough!
    Simon B
  • I have had problems with my ankles and my lower back. Each time I saw Carol she was able to treat my ailments quickly and the results have lasted since the initial treatments.​​
  • I woke up the other morning with a stiff shoulder and neck. I had an appointment with Carol and she worked her Bowen Therapy magic on my neck and shoulder, by the end of the appointment I could almost turn my head again without stiffness - both ways. By the end of the next day I was back to normal. Thank you Carol!
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